Securing Digital ID Symposium Overview

A symposium on digital identity and authentication, brought to you by the Secure Technology Alliance.

This one day event will bring together identity and security industry experts from leading organizations to discuss the state of identity, authentication, identity proofing and mobile identity.  The format will be mixed with prepared presentations, panel discussions, and group discussion in a open, interactive setting held at the Alliance’s National Center for Advanced Payments and Identity Security in Crystal City (Arlington), VA.

Join us for a symposium featuring experts who will explore, explain, debate and share their knowledge and experiences about today’s complex world of digital identities and how they are used for strong authentication and remote authorization purposes. Today’s rapidly growing online environment emphasizes the increasing need for secure identification and strong authentication for consumers, businesses and public services. From governments to healthcare to commerce or social media – the risks of identity fraud are imminent.

Attend this one-day event to learn what today’s digital identity solutions and authentication technologies can do to help, what challenges businesses face in balancing security vs. convenience, what policies are either in place or being developed that help guide common practice, and learn what standards are doing to drive increased ubiquity and interoperability across solutions.

If your business has an online presence or if you rely on other identity management services to guide your security decisions, Securing Digital ID Symposium is the one event where you can learn about this important field, connect with others who share your concerns and needs, and meet the experts who can help you with continued understanding or who can help plan your course of action.

This symposium is designed for CEOs, CTOs, product managers, policy makers interested in integrating secure identity technology into their systems.


“A Symposium is a formal gathering in an academic setting where participants are experts in their fields. These experts present or deliver their opinions or viewpoints on a chosen topic of discussion. It would be correct to label a symposium as a small scale conference as the number of delegates is smaller.”






8:00 AM
Randy Vanderhoof, Secure Technology Alliance

The demand for security is in constant tension with the demand for convenience. While recognizing pressing demands on identity ecosystems in the digital world is creating challenging choices about trusting digital identities, Richard will draw on a lifetime of firsthand experience in law enforcement, transaction processing and banking risk management to frame some of the contingent risks that futuretech must address if we are to avoid turning black swans into geese.

Richard Parry, Parry Advisory

Identity Proofing is the cornerstone of strong, trusted digital Identities. Adoption of advances in identity ecosystem technologies can fundamentally strengthen trusted digital identity and enhance quality of life, service, and user experience. The panel will highlight policy changes supporting opportunities for adoption of new capabilities in public and commercially focused proofing technologies and services. The panel will provide participants perspectives and use-cases to clarify authentication considerations, risks elements, and programmatic concerns across a diversity of identity proofing solutions.  Solutions discussed will span from low to highest levels of assurance including trends in data-driven practices, mobile capabilities, and kiosk/machine approaches.

Paul Grassi, Easy Dynamics (Moderator)
Jatin Deshpande, G+ D Mobile Security
Dario Berini, NextgenID, COO
10:30 AM
  • Is there agreement over what is identity and what is authentication?
  • Are you satisfied with existing identity proofing options for the demands for digital identities by relying parties?
  • Are synthetic identities being institutionalized by current data sharing authentication methods?
  • Are current means of identity proofing keeping up with growth of synthetic identities?

This panel session will explore the many identity attributes that can be used to create authentication factors. What are these identity attributes? How do different organizations manage authentication using these attributes? What attributes are used, how are they managed, and how strong are they?

Randy Vanderhoof, Secure Technology Alliance (Moderator)
Justin Gage, Consult Hyperion
Kristin Raub, Discover Global Network
12:15 PM

Roger Grimes will share some insights on two factor authentication vulnerabilities and the future of security based on his experience of more than 30 years practicing, publishing books, and writing for leading publications like InfoWorld and CSO magazines.

Roger Grimes, Computer Security Columnist, Author, and Data-Driven Defense Evangelist, KnowBe4

In today’s business and commercial applications, identity assurance is mostly an exercise in risk management. Many, if not most, security protocols in use by organizations conducting business online really do not know that the online credential being utilized is appropriately associated with a specific person.

Philip Andreae, Andreae and Assoc (Moderator)
Dan Turissini, SPYRUS
Andrew Tarbox, Thornbrook
2:15 PM
Group Discussion: Using Authenticators to Manage Risk
2:30 PM

As mobile devices increasingly dominate how end users access online services and resources, what are the new capabilities these devices deliver that can help strengthen online identity and improve assurance levels. As the universe of IoT continues to expand in our everyday lives, what are the challenges, threats, and convenience trade-offs we must consider? Discussion perspectives are inclusive of Digital Identities in IoT, Using Mobile Phones as Authenticators, Digital Drivers Licenses, and Non-Person Entities/NPEs.

Tom Lockwood, NextgenID, Alliance Identity Council (Moderator)
David Kelts, IDEMIA, Director & Architect, Digital Identity
David Coley, Intercede, Senior Solutions Architect

As technologies become increasingly sophisticated, as practices and understanding advance, and as exploits become increasingly commonplace, what does the future hold?

Neville Pattinson, Gemalto (Moderator)
Andre Boysen, SecureKey
Richard Parris, Founder and CEO, Aretiico Inc
4:30 PM
Group Discussion: Mobile and IOT Digital Identities
5:00 PM

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